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A Love Supreme

Music graphics
The design is for a limited edition record store day only release and is a reissue of the seminal Jazz masterpiece, A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl.

The design concept is based on the idea of the grooves of a vinyl record. It signifies the spiritual and modal avant-garde Jazz sounds of Coltrane's music, here represented by abstracted shapes as if seeping from the black vinyl grooves. The red flashes evoke the crashing of cymbals or the bursts, screeches, bleats and honks of Coltrane's tenor sax and align with ideas of the abstract art of the period and are a visual interpretation of Jazz music's most innovative, creative artist.

The graphics pick up design echoes of the period (1964/65) with typefaces associated with the significant Jazz releases of the time. The warped treatment of the album title symbolises the often freeform style of the playing on the record. But the aesthetic remains modern, just as Coltrane's ideas and music do today.
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