E1 Place Branding Campaign

Research-led practice project
Stage Two
The branding campaign introduces the different graphic forms that link to E1 locations and reiterates the messages of inclusivity, communality and place protection and reinforces the brand assets for audience recognition and engagement.
The first example exhibits similarities to the Islamic patterns found on the minaret of the Brick Lane Mosque and the second example evokes E1 themes of beigels and freedom in their circular and florid forms. In contrast, the third example provides
a visual interpretation of human interaction and interconnectivity that provides E1 with its place image.
The colourways have significance to different sociocultural themes and locations in E1, including links to the area’s history
of radical politics or religious and spiritual meanings.

The evolution of visual identity in linguistic, symbol and colour usage.

The gradual brand reveal has added the WE ARE element of the place branding. 

People linked to E1 that represent the visual identity and atmosphere of locations in E1.

Image Credits


Usage of Joy Crookes image (detail), 2019. Source: https://www.pinterest. co.uk/pin/423408802464555634/ 


Usage of an image of Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, Brick Lane, Photo © David Pattison. Source: https://www.themandrake.com/art-comes-first.html 


Cut out from an original image of Gilbert & George in Ponystep Magazine, 2018. Source: youtube.com/watch?v=lk53wGmGiiA