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Fashion + Textile Museum
Identity - Redesign and Repositioning
Stage 1
University Project
Using the theme of Identity, interpreting the theme I redesigned the identity of the Fashion and Textile Museum and repositioned it towards a new targeted student audience.
The identity theme is interpreted through branding, and how a subject, environment or location could shape a branding identity. The outcome is informed by the practice and personality of the museum's founder Zandra Rhodes and the museum building
and its location. 
The symbol which creates a letter F and a rotated T can be viewed at a glance to communicate an idea of the word fashion.
The branding encompasses, wayfinding, design for print, including a relaunch campaign and exhibition graphics.
The identity was applied to a new website, online marketing
design, including advertising banners and social media
design and animation.
Through extensive research and development, I was able to define the essence of the museum and its origins, this led to
what I believe is a viable, appropriate and meaningful design identity for the museum.