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Fashion + Textile Museum
Identity - Relaunch
Stage 2
University Project
Relaunch Campaign
The identity that is applied to the relaunch campaign is based on the concept of coordinates and location finding. The poster design incorporates my research themes of the design eclectism in current fashion culture, and uses my defined colours in layers which then create new colours, the feel is reminiscent of a classic Zandra Rhodes print design.

Augmented Reality - HP Reveal
The HP Reveal App enables the creation of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, which can lead to advanced consumer engagement with a particular product or service.
I have used the Latitude and Longitude coordinates and the ​cross symbol as the trigger image to lead the viewer to the revelation
of the museum’s precise location, along with incentives to visit
the museum.
This multi-layered aesthetic is then applied across the museum's communications materials, from transport campaigns to online.