In Cold Blood
Book Cover Re-Design
Publication Design
For this cover re-design of Truman Capotes classic non-fiction crime novel, I devised a concept called Dark Americana. It taps into the author’s themes in the book such as the consumer society and the dark underbelly of the American dream.
Using six symbols (one for each of the six deaths, including the criminals in the story) as visual signposts to the books narrative and focus on both the crime and the capital punishment (hanging) of the perpetrators of the crime. E.g., 59 symbolises 1959, the year the crime took place and route 59, a road that passes through Kansas, (the murder location) and picks up on the road themes in the book. 65 symbolises 1965, the year of the punishment; this is the 59 symbol turned upside down to signify an idea of hanging.