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That Summer Feeling 

Marketing Campaign

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A marketing campaign to mark Levi's 501 Day 2022 in the UK with outdoor advertising and social media campaigns utilising common identifying features such as colour, type, and imagery. The dash motifs link to the 501's distinctive stitching.

The campaign's concept is to create a visual language for Levi's 501 Day through the mood and associations of music and summer. The campaign's setting in a Californian college town at the start of summer links to the date of Levi's 501 Day 2022 (May 20). It communicates a feeling of a hazy, slightly woozy idea of summer and presents Levi's 501 brand through an evocative yet slightly wistful song by American proto-punk songwriter Jonathan Richman; using the lyrics to the track That Summer Feeling, the images match the sentiment and mood of the Richman's track and places the brand in a milieu where it feels naturally present. The poster copy is taken from the song's lyrics and provides a narrative form that connects the song's meaning to the images.

The visual identity links into the current zeitgeist of taking different aspects of popular culture from various periods to create an individual style; it evokes the excitement of summer vacations and festival culture and cannot be pinned to a specific time. An Americana visual and sound aesthetic is further developed with the song's usage for digital campaigns.

The design provides a vision of summer, which might link to one's memory, imagination, and summer expectations.
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