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Paris May 1968 Exhibition Graphic Design

Five Days in May '68
Exhibition Campaign

University Project

The brief for ISTD required the designer to create a typographic led design outcome that celebrates an anniversary; the designer was to research an idea that they deemed to be an important and significant anniversary.
2018 will see the 50th anniversary of the Paris student-workers protests of May 1968. My idea was to create an exhibition to mark this event.
I decided to develop this theme as I felt it would enable an interesting typographic led design solution to the brief and is not a typical anniversary. The events are still regarded as an important part of French history. The ideas and graphics that came out of the period are still relevant protest and design statements today.
The protest slogans that appeared around Paris in the period range from the angry to the philosophical. I translated and interpreted a number of the key slogans, by communicating their meanings as onomatopoeic type creations I aimed to present them in different contexts. By the integration of images, slogans, and Atelier Populaire posters, I aimed to communicate a unique vision of the events of May 1968.
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