Poetry in Motion
Exhibition Marketing Campaign
The project is a marketing campaign for an exhibition highlighting the MTA Arts & Design public program of creative underground works in New York City and its immediate environs since 1985. I devised the illustration figures to signify the colourful poetical and imaginative examples in the exhibition and represent the artists' diversity and the diversity of New Yorkers and as a solution to not focus on specific artist's works or genres.

The concept is based on movement and contemplation, and the design intention is to reflect how one would engage with the original works situated on sites around the transport network.

I chose to develop a figurative illustration solution. It connects with the MTA Arts & Design public program's ideas of focusing on how people engage with the works as they go about their daily business travelling across the transport network. The typography nods to classical poetry print traditions but is disrupted with its contemporary and fragmented application to signify motion and reflects a certain New York irreverence. 
The silhouetted figures are created from montages of found imagery linked to New York, used to fill in the figures, some figures depicting movement, others still and reflective. The figures and textures aim to combine both the grit and the glamour of NYC.

The design colourway creates a vibrant and eye-catching dynamic, and in keeping with the exhibition's subject matter, the campaign is led by in situ posters.  
Stage 1 fragmented type campaign launch posters
Poetry A3 Hoardings Full 2.jpg
Poetry A3 Hoardings.jpg
Bus shelter.jpg
Stage 2 full text campaign posters