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This piece of hand-lettering was featured on the creative website It's Nice That and explores my interest in the convergence of hand-drawn lettering and digital tools to create characterful letterforms in typography. This is an example of my bespoke lettering/typography used for projects that express a humanist message and aesthetic.

The intention of the artwork provide the viewer respite from the current news cycle and maintain hope. The work communicates how the joy of linguistics when dressed in elegant letterforms, can express an optimistic sentiment creatively.


Aesthetically the lettering style evokes the streamlined styling of classic branding badges of Italian scooters with a hint of classic Coca-Cola branding thrown in ... both of which I find ‘Super’ cool.

© Paul Stewart, 2021

What Do You Want?

This abstract work is inspired by the spirit and aesthetics of Fin de Copenhague by Danish artist Asger Jorn and French theorist Guy Debord. It is part of an exploring the city (London) series connected to urban and psychological themes of boundaries, built forms (and ruins), memories and change. The piece can also be viewed as an exercise in composition with colour textures and shapes, creating a unique urban moodscape.

What do you want_.jpg
© Paul Stewart, 2023

In Casablanca

This piece is based on a trip to Morocco that I only remember half of. However, I can still recall being in a new culture and place and the almost dream-state effect of the heat-induced atmosphere, especially waking up in a hotel on Avenue Hassan II early on the first day.

Memories of Casablanca Good.png
© Paul Stewart, 2023

Magic's Back Again

Magic's Back Again, Paul Stewart, 2023. Those who know, know, you know!!! Inspired by Malcolm McLaren's Goldsmith's student film The Story of Oxford Street (later realised as The Ghosts Of Oxford Street) my painting focuses on the Marble Arch (and Tyburn) end of the street.

Oxford Street.jpg
© Paul Stewart, 2022

Pieces of a Man 2

This abstract self-portrait explores the relationship between the outer and inner self and how one presents strength and positivity through posture or body language. Yet, the piece is also about introspection and contemplation.

The imagery layers incorporate elements that signify self-expression and self-reflection.

The colours and textures provide a vibrant and evocative aesthetic that reflects the multifaceted essence of being human.

POAM Small.jpg
© Paul Stewart, 2021

Hold On Steady

The shapes forms and textures in this piece evoke the fragmented and fleeting nature and moods of a travel experience as I journeyed by rail from London across France towards Paris.  

© Paul Stewart, 2023

Through It All

The work reflects my relationship to urban space, specifically of returning to my home city London after periods away and finding it both familiar but also strangely unfamiliar, possibly as my change as a person and coming to terms with how the city constantly changes, even more, pronounced when long breaks occur.

© Paul Stewart, 2023

Oh Yes!

This piece explores colour, form and movement and communicates and celebrates the joy of life with vitality and vibrancy.

The aesthetic conjures a carnival-like atmosphere of energy and hope with a central motif of rolling letter O's. Its message is about the importance of letting go and having fun.


Dubuffet's humanistic approach inspires the work's spirit, and Basquiat's freeform graffiti art influences the aesthetic.

Oh Yes!.jpg
© Paul Stewart, 2022
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