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Music graphics
This compilation brings together Miles Davis's pivotal works that helped define the modern jazz movement of the 1950s and helped revolutionise ideas of what jazz could be.
The graphic forms in the record sleeve design seek to evoke city life's exciting dynamics and experience by referencing the urban vernacular's visual language of street signs repurposed to signify the urbanism, movement and forward-thinking mindsets of creators such as Miles Davis.
The musicians that came to symbolise US modern jazz in the 1950s appeared to be somehow living in the future. The music's ambitious experimental approach involved developing new sonic expressions that created musical forms that possessed soul and signalled the changing social and cultural landscapes of cities such as New York and beyond.
The modernist/brutalist forms represent Miles' improvised vision and approach of his playing during this era.
The cool visual language reflects the music's nightlife setting and mood by using a monochrome colourway—the typographic combination of a didone style serif matched with a modernist sans serif, indicating the intersection's of the music's past and future.
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