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Stranded - zine
Publication Design
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The project is a limited edition print zine to mark the release of Kenneth Branagh's film Belfast (2021), focusing on exploring a song featured in the movie, Stranded by Van Morrison.

The concept is based on how different art forms can generate new work that enables the creative to introduce personal aspects to interpret existing works. When something connects, whether a film narrative or a song's mood or lyric, the creator can harness these essences to explore self-expression, adding a new layer of meaning to the original works.

The illustration represents a visual translation of the ambience of the song and provides an abstract representation of mental and physical landscapes that link to the film's themes of a person's psychological and physiological links to a place—the concept covers themes of loss, conflict, confusion, imagination and longing. 

The typography is used to create an idea of the different internal voices that connote the conflict of emotions and mood changes one would experience in such a life situation, either during the events or in one's memory and imagination when looking back.


Black 7C
Paper stock 70gsm improved (off-white)
Stitched and trimmed
Print run 1000 copies