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Tartan V&A Exhibition Marketing Design by Paul Stewart

Exhibition Concept

Cultural Sector Design

Using a given theme of Frequency, I devised a concept around Tartan and its repetitive grid pattern and its constant reappearance in society, fashion, and subculture.
A self-negotiated project to devise a design and marketing campaign for a fictitious UK based major exhibition looking at the enduring appeal and constant reviving of tartan as the fabric of power, fashion and rebellion.
It would be the first major exhibition looking at the historical and cultural significance of tartan and its route from Scottish clans to global phenomenon.
The exhibition looks at various strands of the tartan story including the grid pattern and its relationship to modernist grid and visual arts theories, but also its cultural meaning, how its cultural identity and meanings have evolved. How tartan has been adopted by the British Royal family as well as President Trump but was also subverted by punk.
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