Triple Exposure Exhibition
V&A Museum, London
As this was an exhibition of three photographers from the
1960’s I decided to steer away from focusing on just one of
the photographers to represent the show. I devised a graphics
solution by incorporating elements of each photographer’s
key images and created three roundels (the triple element)
and overprinted them to evoke a feeling of early UK1960’s
graphics, using the vivid CMYK colours on the target
motifs link the design appropriately with Pop Art and the
UK Mod movement.
This work is in line with my creative and professional aims as
it includes themes such as 1960’s popular culture and social
history, within the arts and culture sector.
The boldness of the graphic forms, colours and typographic
style is representative of my current aesthetic.
The design was applied across an extensive marketing campaign, including outdoor advertising sites.
Paul Stewart Design V&A Triple Exposure Banner