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Vive Le Rock!

Music graphics
The design is for a limited edition double vinyl compilation of obscure yet influential 1960s French garage punk rock.
The graphics are informed by the sonic resonance of the musical genre whose energies reverberate and influence still.
The interpretation of sound in visual form evokes the band's loudspeaker cabinets as they broadcast a fuzzed-up, primal, raw rock and roll sound to their thrilled and energised audiences.
The cover's roundel design is in Minimalism's artistic tradition yet produces a contemporary aesthetic that invites the viewer to look and hear anew, a vital part of music culture emanating from a vortex-like visual device.
The graphics and typography avoid garage rock sleeve design's cliches to reinforce a message of French style subverted, just as the original recording artists did with their uniquely French take on rock and roll music.
Long Live Rock!
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1960s French Garage Rock Record Sleeve Graphics

Inner Sleeve

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